Eastern Cottontail Rabbit in a ravine lot backyard
Stewardship on Private Land

Why Ravines Matter!

Toronto’s impressive ravine system…

  • Reduces the effects of climate change  
  • Supports biodiversity 
  • Provides habitat for plants and animals 
  • Improves air quality 
  • Buffers wind and noise 
  • Reduces temperature and humidity 
  • Helps prevent erosion 
  • Helps control flooding
  • Improves mental and physical health and well-being 
  • Improves quality of life
  • Holds cultural history like Indigenous settlements 
  • Contributes to Toronto’s unique identity
  • Supports tourism 
  • Inspires nature education 
  • Offers recreational spaces 
  • Increases property value 
  • Decreases heating and cooling costs 
  • Adds natural beauty  

We can only reap these benefits if we restore and protect ravine health. That’s where you come in.

Learn about your land, Toronto’s ravines and the problem.