Stewardship on Private Land

Clean Up Litter

Most ravine properties contain all kinds of debris that is not visible until you look closely. For example, pieces of plastic, bottles, broken glass, wires, broken pieces of building materials, and garden waste might be scattered around your ravine land. This litter can injure wildlife and harmful chemicals can leech into soil and streams.

Regularly check your property for litter that has unintentionally ended up there. Litter can be dangerous for many people, animals and the native plants that cannot grow underneath it.

  • Safely remove littler using personal protective gear. Some useful tools include:
    • Work gloves
    • Hand sanitizer
    • Long tongs or trash picker
    • A large bucket
    • Heavy duty garbage bags and ties
    • Clear bags for recyclables
    • A container for sharp objects
  • Figure out where the litter came from and try to prevent it from spreading at the source