Stewardship on Private Land

Where to Buy

Buy native plants from a native plant nursery. Ask the nursery whether they are locally grown. Only purchase native plants that are certified as nursery propagated. Avoid hybrid or cultivar species, and try to stick to the original, unmodified version of the plant.1

Use the following native plant resources:

Buying native plants from a garden centre or grocery store

Often times, places like Home Depot or Loblaws have garden centres. It is possible to find native plants here, but be very careful that they are actually native and local to Toronto. Talk to an employee and only purchase native plants that are certified as nursery propagated.

In the Zone, an organization that helps homeowners plant native species to create healthy habitats for native wildlife, partnered with Loblaws garden centres across Ontario. When at a Loblaws garden centre, look for the In the Zone plant tag to pick locally grown and ethically sourced native plants.

Find the Loblaws nearest you that carries In the Zone plants.


1 – Colla, S., Johnson, L., & Sanderson, A. (n.d.) A flower patch for the rusty-patched bumblebee: creating habitat gardens for native pollinators in the greater Toronto area. Retrieved from: